Mission Statement

The North Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce (NBACC) is committed to enhancing the quality of life in southern Wood County by improving and promoting the opportunities for the commerce in the entire North Balitmore area. This is done by the encouragement of industry, agriculture, education, and civic interest, resulting in a continually improving quality of life.

Who We Are

The North Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization which brings together businesses, professionals, and concerned citizens to utilize their ideas and talents to support and promote community development.

But more importantly, the Chamber is people…..people just like you who realize that through a Chamber of Commerce you can accomplish more with a group of like-minded individuals and businesses than trying to stand alone. The strength of the Chamber lies in developing a pool of resources from which to draw ideas, energy and finances.

Improving the quality of life in North Baltimore is one of the priorities of the NBACC. The life of a town is directly tied to the viability of its central business district. The NBACC is striving to go beyond streets capes, wanting to improve the retail and service mix, fill empty buildings and lots with business, and make the North Baltimore area a great place to live, learn, work and raise a family!


The North Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce was organized in 1916 by a group of prominent businessmen. The first meetings were held in a back room of Hoffman’s Drug Store at 135 N. Main St. That building was razed in 1971 to make way for the Mid Am Bank. Today, it is home to The Huntington Bank.

Subsequent Chamber meetings were held on the third floor of the Staver Building, 142 N. Main St. More recently, The Faith Alliance Church held services at that address until closing its doors in 2009.

In recent years, the NBACC has held monthly luncheon meetings in various businesses and restaurants in North Baltimore, including Hancock-Wood Electric Co-op, Birch Run Golf Club, McDonalds Restaurant, and Whistle Stop Inn Restaurant.

Currently, Chamber meetings are held primarily at Hancock Wood Electric, with lunch catered by various Chamber member


Today the North Baltimore Chamber has over 65 members, ranging from small businesses to large corporations, who all have a common goal: promote the economic development of North Baltimore and the surrounding area in a positive way.

The goal of the North Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce is to serve as a resource and advocate for all area businesses. We have nearly 100 years of experience assisting North Baltimore businesses through the promotion of commerce and economic development in North Baltimore and the surrounding area. By representing more than 60 companies of all types and sizes, the NBACC is working towards a more prosperous and inviting business community.

The NBACC provides area businesses a voice in local politics and economic development activities by promoting interests in the North Baltimore Village Council, The Wood County Commissioners, The Wood County Economic Development Corporation, The State of Ohio and various federal agencies involved in local development and improvement programs.


North Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce

The North Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization which brings together businesses, professionals, and other individuals to utilize ideas which support and promote community development.